Desire to learn
leads to growth

Marjan Hosseinizadeh Institute of Mental Health,  has been operative since 1390/ 2011.In order to improve  Faris speakers’ mental health all around the world, We started  online psychological services in  2018 .You can use PayPal and/or Shetab to have access to our online health services.

We will take you along the way from evaluation to  diagnosis and finally referral to the right specialist. We work with  experts in variety of areas such as; speech therapy, occupational therapy,play therapy, psychotherapy and .. ,who can help you with problems related to: hyperactivity, autism, learning disabilities, self confidence, self respect ,family issues, social skills, purposefulness, skills to pursue goals, mental health, depression,  anxiety and so much more.

Why do we need a psychologist or a counselor ?

 In today’s hectic world, you need a psychologist to maintain mental health.

Negative thoughts and destructive relationships lead to mental problems,  if we don’t deal with them appropriately and on time.

What are you looking for?

Why go to counseling or psychology Do we need it?

In today’s modern world
Get guidance from a counselor or psychologist
A sign of your mental health.

Negative and destructive thoughts and feelings
Not so satisfying relationships
If they are not resolved in time
In the long run, they turn into physical illnesses.