About me

About Marjan

 My name is Marjan Hosseinizade, I was born in Tehran in 1988.I went to school in Iran and England and sometimes when we were on a trip I would not go to school at all!

After school I continued my education at Tehran university and Alame University.I have bachelor’s degree in counselling psychology and master’s degree in clinical psychology.

I work with children,  teenagers and families. In order to be better in these fields, I have attended more than 10 workshops. In other areas such as couple therapy ,infants psychology and etc, I am honoured to work with some of the best professionals.

We have come together to do our best to increase the level of mental health among Farsi speakers worldwide.


▪︎online courses: These courses will be held online on the designated day and time, as planned, by the specialist. You should join the class on time and interact with your specialist and peers.

▪︎offline courses: For these courses audio and/or video files will be sent to you.

 And you can watch/ listen to them and as many times as you like you can also join the club of that course to share views , learn more and ask your questions.

If I want to tell you more about myself: I shall start with my childhood when I loved learning as well as teaching. I loved travelling and I was enthusiastic to know different cultures and to try new food and clothes from all around the world,  this is my family heritage. I enjoy doing exciting stuff such as flying, camping  water games,  going on safari and being in the nature.

I feel thrilled when I read books or listen to podcasts. I love learning new things and meeting new people. Being in nature and company of animals relaxes me.

About my job:

most of the courses provided by us, are  designed, developed and well tailored  by me and are absolutely based on scientific research. To learn more about my courses click here.

The method and approach I use in each course is different from the other since  each time, I am dealing with different people with different cultures, different needs and different issues.

At the moment due to Corona pandemic all of our courses are held online and I visit my patients online every day. I work 4 days a week and spend 3 days on reading, researching, planning and relaxation.

 If I wasn’t a psychologist, I would be a professional dancer. I could be a good choreographer ,

Actually that’s what I did at parties with my little cousins and we did it well.


 And the last but not the least: every moment of this job for me is filled with joy and love. I feel thrilled when this feeling of love and happiness is transferred  to others.

Finally keep it  up my friends; don’t forget dancing , meditation and drinking water.

▪︎Making an appointment: For new people who join us there is a private 30 minute online session( you are charged separately for this) to  be guided. We offer online and offline classes for   children, teenagers and parents. As mentioned before for psychotherapy, speech therapy,  occupational therapy, couple therapy and psychological tests you will be referred to the right specialist.

If you are looking for an economic choice, we recommend you monthly packages.

If you have any problems paying the fees, don’t hesitate call us .(on WhatsApp/ Telegram Saturday to Wednesday 10 to 19 Tehran time)